About us

All about us and how we can help

All about us

We are Chris and Vikki, experienced health coaches with over 35 years experience between us. We are now offering you the opportunity to work with us and join our growing community of men and women, just like you who are benefiting from our Focus, Food and Fitness program.


You are amongst friends from day 1 . . .

If you are thinking of starting on your own, as many of our members do, there’s no need to worry; you’re soon amongst friends.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little or a large amount of weight to lose, or whether you just want to learn how to fuel your body efficiently and more effectively. Perhaps you want to take a whole body approach to a newer, fitter, healthier you.

How we can help

We can help you and we are with you every step of the way.

As former weight management and fitness consultants with the Rosemary Conley organisation and now with our own independent health & fitness businesses, we have joined together to bring you these exciting and achievable community health and fitness challenges. It is always a privilege to see members grow in confidence as they shed the pounds and start to enjoy the fitness. We are amazed at what people can achieve with support and encouragement.


We’re particularly interested in working with the 40+ age group to prove that fitness levels can still be improved in a fun and supportive way. It certainly isn’t downhill from the age of 40!

We have helped hundreds of people to lose weight, become fitter, healthier and very much happier and now we want to help YOU!

About Chris

About Vikki

Hi there, my name is Chris Whistlecroft, and I’ve been running fitness and weight management classes in the UK since September 2002.

I am Vikki Radford, I have been qualified in exercise to music since 1992 where I worked in many local health clubs as a self-employed fitness instructor.

A late starter into the fitness world, my career in this industry started from a personal love of keeping myself in shape and healthy. Over the years this has evolved into a genuine passion to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and the benefits that go with it.


I enjoy being with people who are committed to making a change for the better, the fact that it’s my job is a bonus!


One of my greatest achievements was helping a lady lose 6 stone – the success was all hers.


When I am not working I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and dogs and being with family. I’ve learned that relaxation is an important part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and I like to take part in yoga sessions to help me achieve this. I introduced meditation into my life, this has also made a huge difference in helping me achieve a state of calm and learning to relax.


My current Qualifications:

  • CYQ/YMCA Level 2 Exercise to music instructor
  • CYQ/YMCA Level 2 InstructingCircuits
  • Certificates for Zumba, Fitsteps, VeraFlow, Fitness Pilates, Kettlercise

I was inspired by my Mum and her friend who started going to a local fitness class when I was in my late teens. They came home laughing and full of energy.  They hadn’t realised how much fitter it made them until going away on holiday leaving their husbands behind when walking! I joined them and was hooked.


I decided on a career change to the fitness industry shortly afterwards and have never looked back. As a fitness instructor working in various different clubs I understood how intimidating that environment could be, so I took the chance to help the people that wouldn’t dream of walking in to a health club and started working in the community with my then Rosemary Conley franchise.


You have one body, it needs looking after. My Mum continues to attend my classes and Im now the same age as when she first started. My career has always focused on what people can do and not what they cant do.


Some of my biggest successes to date is a loss of 10 stone over 18 months with a client who was super disciplined and focused, the success was all hers.  Another 3 clients, who lost 6 stone each and are maintaining the weight loss and managing a healthier lifestyle.


When I am not working I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Encouraging my children with their many hobbies. Walking my dog – and essential part of my well being. Yoga and pilates help me with my mindfulness.


My current Qualifications:

  • CYQ/YMCA Level 2 Exercise to music
  • CYQ/YMCA Level 2 Gym instructor
  • CYQ/YMCA Level 3 Nutrition
  • CYQ/YMCA Level 3 Modern Pilates
  • CYQ/YMCA Level 3 Exercise Referral Specialist
  • Certificates for Kettlercise, Spinal conditions for Pilates, Zumba, Fitsteps and Metabolic Effect.