Get focused on your food and fitness


Focus – Follow One Course Of Action Until Successful, something many of us struggle with.


This is usually because we are unfocused and have a hectic lifestyle running on auto pilot with deep ingrained habits.


By learning to focus, we become more mindful of our actions and gain greater control.


We achieve a state of mindfulness when we focus on being present, acknowledging our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations whilst learning to accept them.


Being mindful whilst eating is key to losing or maintaining weight and can help us enjoy our food more, whilst being more mindful during exercise can greatly improve our enjoyment of the activity, increase the effectiveness of the exercise and help to reduce the chances of Injury.

Practicing mindfulness regularly allows us to become more aware of what is really happening in our lives.  Throughout all of our challenges we will encourage you to introduce mindfulness into your everyday life and provide you with the support and guidance to help you achieve this state.