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Do you struggle to find the motivation?

Do you struggle to find the motivation to stay fit and healthy and find it hard to focus and stay focused on your goals, struggle with food because of the endless amount of conflicting information in the media and online, then find fitness to be a challenge because you are intimidated by the thought of going to a gym or just don’t know your Zumba from your pilates!

Well you are not alone! Our community of clients all felt like that before they started working with us. There is so much pressure out there to reach a state of perfection when it comes to being fit and healthy.

Here at Focus, Food and Fitness, we know that real life isn’t like that. It’s not about you being perfect every day, or giving yourself impossible tasks to achieve.

It’s about reaching your optimal health, being you and improving yourself a little every day. It’s about being aware of how you feel and accepting that whilst you can’t control everything that happens in your life, you absolutely do have a choice when it comes to your own health and wellbeing.

The aim of each of our challenges is that you feel happy… as you!

Chris Whistlecroft

Chris Whistlecroft

Vikki Radford

Vikki Radford

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